D3 was born out of the desire to create relaxed weekend gear with a casual twist. When Doogs Felton couldn’t find what he wanted, he set about creating it… despite being only 16 at the time.

Doogs spent more than a year researching and sourcing the best possible linens and cottons on the market. His first collection is aimed at the kind of guy who wants an outfit that can take him from beach to barbecue with ease.
What makes D3 stand out from the crowd? It’s the attention to detail, the comfort and the insanely high quality (which isn’t reflected in the price tag). Hoodies are built to last, made from luxe cotton and a super soft finish. Linen joggers are the perfect alternative to trackies, and can easily be worn straight to backyard drinks from the couch. Soft, relaxed linen shirts can be worn loosely buttoned and there’s a colour to suit every style. These are just a few examples of the kind of quality you can expect from the D3 range.